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Milano Tattoo Convention: Original/Rare Memorabilia Available at the Tattoo Artist Magazine Booth

Original Bert Grimm Flash Sheet

Every year Tattoo Artist Magazine (TAM) makes the journey half way across the globe to partake in the festivities at the Milano Tattoo Convention. This year TAM has sweetened the deal and brought with it some very rare and collectible tattoo memorabilia that will be for sale at the TAM booth. 

Below is a list of items available for purchase, including some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Crash spent three days picking out some awesome NEW pieces from the TAM Vault for the Milan Convention, most NEVER seen before. Come by the booth early or you’ll regret missing something special…

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Some of these items will be made available for sale after the Milano Convention, please check our Facebook pages, Twitter, eBay Store and website for updates.

New Items:
-Thom deVita art! (10 pcs)
-Scott Harrison drawings (Rare!)
-ALL NEW set of Sailor Jerry photos, drawings/stencils
-Bert Grimm flash page
-Paul Rogers and Ernie Carafa flash (2)
-Pinky Yun drawings sent to Sailor Jerry (6)
-Coleman pictures (2)
-Mike Malone tattoo pictures and drawings
-Sailor Jerry business license
-China Sea business license (Kandi)
-Paul Rogers tattoo photos
-Des Connelly pics
-Dave Gibson TAM cover art
-2 Rollo Paintings (from TAM issues #4 and #5)

-2  Kuniyoshi woodblock prints
-2 Hokusai woodblock prints
-Yoshitoshi woodblock print
+various others

Available soon:
-Rollo flash pages/paintings
-Sailor Jerry original flash page(s)
-Ed Hardy paintings
-Bobby Shaw flash page
-McKeever flash page
-GIANT Pinky Yun page
-And a very special hand-drawn and bound set of Pinky Yun flash! (10 pages, double sided ORIGINALS!)
-Several received letters from Sailor Jerry’s collection (and a few to Mike Malone)
-TAM cover art
-SJ tattoo machine
-1985 Rollomatic
-Doc Forbes photos
-Oguri (Gifu Horihide) pics

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