Jason Kundell Article Preview for Tattoo Artist Magazine Issue #24

Jason Kundell: Tattoo wise- I had the good chance of working with some great people along the road. There’s been a lot of great influences. The guys who taught me, Adrian and Paco, were really good influences and they’ve gone on to do great things. When me and Grime  had the shop together he was a great influence. He was a good influence especially because he was going through this time in his life where he was really tired of everyone sort of taking some of his cool little nuances.

Trevor McStay: Oh, no- not the biting thing, please. We weren’t gonna touch on the biting.

Well just a little bit… In the graffiti world, you don’t want to be biting people either so that’s sort of ingrained in the back of your head. It really helped me to develop my own style working with him. I tried hard not to look at his stuff for inspiration and go to more of the source for things. I feel like it’s taught me how to teach myself how to do the art how I want to, you know?  I get critiques from all the guys at Seventh Son. Actually these days I get most of my critiques, besides maybe from you when you come out, I get the majority of my critiques from George Campise and Jeff Croci who sort of do the two most different styles from me at the shop. They give me the best critiques on stuff and I think vice-versa maybe a little bit too. So everybody I’ve worked with over the years has helped out tremendously in one way or another.

Obviously, in the tattoo world Grime is a huge name and he’s a huge influence in the tattoo world and one of the [people] that you can’t help but be influenced by. He must have been a huge influence on your career.

Yeah, I mean some of the things he taught me, or at least the things that I picked up, were more fundamentals that I carry on to this day. You know, like if you’re not happy with the drawing, just fucking throw it away and start over. Instead of needling out the bits and pieces that are okay in a drawing just fucking start over and try it again. I’ll do that sometimes. Even with something small I might draw 6 thumbnails for a little Hanya real fast till I get a smooth, fluent shape that I like. Then I’ll start to refine that one and maybe I’ll throw it away one more time, you know? And that’s the stuff that helped the most working with him was seeing stuff like that or doing stuff like that. Also, just really trying to develop my own style, sort of away from his.

Anyone else that had an impact on your tattooing career?

Oh, everyone. I mean everyone through the years has had some major impact on my tattoo career. Like you’re a big influence on me, even though I can’t stand to be around you. (laughs) No, I really respect, not you personally…

No, that’s fair enough. I can’t stand you.

(From the full article as seen in Tattoo Artist Magazine #24)

Jason Kundell can be found at:
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