MUSINK: On the Road in Orange County

By John

Musink was three days of skating, rock ‘n roll and hanging with some old peeps, while meeting some new ones… Oh, I guess some people got tattooed as well? Above is a video compilation we put together from some of the activities at Musink. However, it’s hard to cram a whole show into a three minute video clip, so we have added some pics and another short video below… Enjoy!

Musink Tattoo Convention

California is one of those places that you forget is, well, “one of those places.” Don’t get me wrong, I love California… where else can you be at a tattoo convention and then drive an hour and be in Tom Green’s house drinking a beer and staring at his huge parrot?

Musink Tattoo Convention

And where else could you be but California when they charge $12.00 for a 16 ounce beer? That’s .75 cents per ounce of beer! Don’t spill any or you might have to dip into your savings? But as you will see below, there are ways around the high prices and security guards…


Overall, the show was a great success for TAM and the Musink people including, Cory Danger and his crew, which did a wonderful job with an event that had so many things to offer its attendees.

Musink Tattoo Convention

The show was filled to brim with tattoo talent from all over the country, including hometown heroes Jack Rudy, Bert Krak, Shawn Barber, Kim Saigh, Rick Walters and Sid Stankovits. Others that made the trip to the Golden State included Mike Wilson, Kore Flatmo, Seth Ciferi and Bob Tyrrell just to name a few.

My highlight for the weekend was getting to see Hot Water Music. I think Crash’s highlight was missing the Suicidal Tendencies by 45 minutes! Ha ha… he was pissed. Kent’s highlight was leaving me in the booth with no change for customers… he’s really good at that!

Musink Tattoo Convention

Farewell California, and thanks for the memories! I’ll be seeing you again… real soon…

Musink Tattoo Convention

(Quote of the weekend by Tony Hundahl: “Hundahl; Never Sleep!”)

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