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Archive for March 22, 2011

Randy Scott Howell at MUSINK

(Randy Scott Howell can be found at MotaVation Tattoo and Silverback Ink) (more…)

Lady Luck Tattoo Arts Expo: On the Road in Reno

By Metal Allison

Reno, the land of dreams… Oh, wait, that ain’t Reno. I meant, Reno, the land of toothless hookers. Wait, that’s just rude. Reno: It’s warm here and that’s pretty cool.

I boarded the trolley to Circus-Circus after briefly witnessing and elderly chain-smoking woman yell at pretty much everything. The two men sharing this trolley ride with me spoke to each other loudly about tattoos and rumors of a convention this weekend. I finally give in to their attempt to talk to me about tattoos and confirm the rumors. (more…)