Artist Profile: Jeff Gogué (VIDEO)

Jeff Gogué started his career as a tattooer in 1999 after working in construction for eight years.  He is self-taught, and never had an apprenticeship, although he credits Cory Norris and Kevin Cox for mentoring him along the way. [Video and pictures on expanded page]


His mother is an oil painter/graphic artist, she encouraged his art and taught him how to sell it semi-professionally when he was 13 years old.  By the time he graduated from high school in 1991, Jeff had produced dozens of limited edition prints, won several art awards and had his work displayed in numerous gallery shows.

He became an internationally known tattooer by 2005 while traveling to many conventions, winning awards and being featured in various tattoo magazines worldwide.

Jeff is also an oil painter, and has been painting since 2005. His passion for art and his desire to inspire others has created opportunities for him to teach seminars and workshops on his techniques for both tattooing and painting internationally. His eagerness to improve is never ending no matter which medium.

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(Jeff Gogué was previously featured in Tattoo Artist Magazine #15)

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7 thoughts on “Artist Profile: Jeff Gogué (VIDEO)

  1. Loved watching this footage! There is such a great attitude to him… I really hope to meet him in person at some point and just have some random words… And of course take some artwork away from him =)

  2. Jeff is one of the finest individuals (and artists) in tattooing today.
    It’s always an honor to shine the spotlight on those who uplift, protect and represent tattooing with such dignity.

    His drive to create and evolve art (in every medium) is a continued inspiration to many and his intentions are progressive and truly self-giving. A true gentleman and friend.


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