Chris Trevino: Gods and Warriors Book Preview2

Gods and Warriors

This is a fitting title for Chris Trevino’s first book. His tattoos often depict these precise themes. But more notably, the title is actually fitting for Chris himself. In many ways he embodies the eternal qualities of the warrior hero or the deified persona of an ancient culture’s history; in short, a modern knight in quest for the mythic grail. His accomplishments, perhaps in a slightly older culture and rendered symbolically in the romantic style, could very well be the foundation of myth.

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Chris Trevino is my friend and a true inspiration. He is a monster, a machine. The common jest is that he is a robot, able to work days without food or sleep. I’ve never known a tattooer capable of working longer or harder hours on a consistent basis.

This labor is reflected directly in Chris’ portfolios; they are windows into the soul of a man obsessed with his craft. As probably the most prolific western tattooer of the age, Chris Trevino, Horimana (the honorary name given him by Horiyoshi III), has already cemented for himself a true legacy in the tattoo world, one that is consistently added to daily.

If anything, Chris epitomizes an ideal. It is as though his life and work tell us that this is what can be accomplished in one’s life with inspired, (almost superhuman) energy, creativity, and discipline. It seems fantastical and unattainable, yet we are able to see the tangible proof of its reality.

Enjoy this expeditionary tour into the world of Horimana, Chris Trevino.

There will be more to come!- Crash

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Chris Trevino can be found at Perfection Tattoo in Austin, TX.

(Chris is featured in Tattoo Artist Magazine Issue #11)

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