RedLetter1 Presents, Pop-Op: The Art of Erik Jones

By Phil Holt:
Just wanted to let you know that I have moved RedLetter1 to Hyde Park in a new and very permanent location. We are having our grand opening and new art exhibit June 3rd, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. featuring the work of Erik Jones. We would love to have you out…

The body of work Pop-Op was created specifically as a departure from Erik’s prior work. Though the figures tend to be “attractive” the new direction places less emphasis on sexuality, focusing more attention on compositional design elements and mark making. Erik now simply starts out with a loose line drawing of the figure and experiments with building up and breaking down color and shapes in and around said figure.

Erik states, “It is not only a salubrious experimentation with the figure but also and exploration of mediums. This process is more sporadic and embraces imperfection, rather then focusing on rendering ‘perfect’, realistic skin.”

The collection Pop-Op is most certainly a glimpse of the type of work we can look forward to seeing Erik develop in the future. All the new work is done with: watercolor, pencil, nue-pastel, acrylic, oil and other mixed media (artist tape, painted paper, gel and matte mediums) on Rives BFK paper

Swing out!!!


217 S. Cedar Ave

Hyde Park, Tampa, 33606

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