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Mike Devries Get Real Animal Style DVD Cilp (VIDEO)


Tattoo Artist Magazine Issue #26 Teaser Preview

Tattoo Artist Magazine #26 will be going out to subscribers in two weeks! This amazing issue features Cory Norris, Pinky Yun, Xam, Isaac Fainkujen, a new Step by Step article on color theory, and a great article on Marcus Kuhn’s The Gypsy Gentleman documentary… [Pictures on expanded page]


RedLetter1 Presents, Pop-Op: The Art of Erik Jones

By Phil Holt:
Just wanted to let you know that I have moved RedLetter1 to Hyde Park in a new and very permanent location. We are having our grand opening and new art exhibit June 3rd, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. featuring the work of Erik Jones. We would love to have you out… (more…)

Artist Profile: Chris Trevino (VIDEO)

By Ed Hardy:
I first met Chris Trevino when he and his then-partner, Shawn Degan, came to San Francisco in about 1992 to talk with me about getting some work done. He had not been tattooing very long at that time but Chris’ enthusiasm and ideas were off the charts… [Video and pictures on expanded page] (more…)

Dawn Cooke: Art School

Warning: If you do not like opinionated strong-willed women you should not read this blog! Do yourself and me a favor and don’t waste our time.

So what does it mean to go to art school? Most art school students enter college right out of high school. A lot of them have parents who are paying for their tuition. Those who do not have parental support are relaying on loans, grants and scholarships (mainly loans). Those who don’t go right out of high school usually had some life circumstances that prevented them from going to college such as poor guidance, no money or no ambition, just to name a few. (more…)

Workhorse Irons’ Tattoo Machine Video



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