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Sailor Jerry Documentary ‘Hori Smoku’ Screening at Ink ‘n Iron


The Sailor Jerry Rum Company will be hosting a special screening of Hori Smoku this weekend at the Ink and Iron Festival on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. If you have not seen this award winning documentary, this would be a great time to see it… [Lager image and more info on expanded page]Read More »

Rollo & Me Comic #4


The “Rollo & Me” strip is a series of stories told by Keith Underwood and illustrated by Dan Henk which appear regularly in Tattoo Artist Magazine. They chronicle Keith’s experiences living with and working alongside one of tattooing’s greatest icons of the 20th century- Mike ‘Rollo Banks’ Malone. Mike departed this life in 2007 but these stories represent Keith’s healing process and are figuratively supposed to occur on the couch of his therapist. Enjoy. There’s more to come. [Full comic on expanded page]Read More »

Bryan Kienlen of the Bouncing Souls Talks About Touring and Tattooing


By Rose Riot The Bouncing Souls are one of the staple bands in American punk rock. These four New Jersey boys have managed to travel the globe, playing shows with some of the world’s premier punk rock bands. But the band remains true to their punk rock roots as they still do a portion of their U.S. tours in their iconic white van. I had conversation with Bryan Kienlen, the bassist about his work with the band and a little but about his tattoo experience… RR: The Bouncing Souls have been together for about 23 years, how long had you been together before you felt like you had made it? BK: I think when we got signed to Epitaph is when we felt like it got real. I think we’ve been able to make it so long because we have this desire to constantly make music, to outdo ourselves. RR: You have played some amazing tours and places, do you have a favorite? BK: I don’t really have a favorite anything but I would have to say Japan is very special and for sure one of the most memorable. RR: What is it about Japan that you love so much and in light of their recent disaster, have you done anything to contribute to the cause? BK: There is something about Japan that feels truly different from everywhere I’ve visited. There seems to be an air of respect and pride there, I mean honestly, they make Americans look bad. People ...Read More »

Sailor Jerry Toast at Ink ‘n Iron


Well, it’s here again… Ink ‘n Iron time. Time to cram into a giant haunted boat with 10,000 of our closest friends… This year the good folks at the Sailor Jerry Rum Company are sponsoring a toast to the life and memory of Norman Keith Collins, a.k.a Sailor Jerry. [More info on expanded page]Read More »

Shop Profile: Analog Tattoo Teaser (VIDEO)


[youtube] [Artist and shop info on expanded page]Read More »

Konocti Vista Casino Tattoo Convention: On the Road in Lakeport California (VIDEO)


Maybe it was the being-awake-for-24-straight-hours thing… Or maybe is was the insanely dangerous night drive through the mountains of Napa Valley… But by the time we got to Lakeport all was well. This was by far the most isolated tattoo convention that Kent or I had ever been to… [Video on expanded page]Read More »

*NEW* Scott Harrison Paintings Available on Headband Brothers Website


Visit to purchase and see more of Scott Harrison’s paintings. [Larger image on expanded page.]Read More »

Shop Profile: Temple Tattoo Teaser (VIDEO)


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True Tattoo: The Grand Re-Opening! (VIDEO)


May 4, 2011 marked another milestone in the tattooing world with True Tattoo’s Grand Re-opening in Hollywood, Ca.  Oliver Peck bought True Tattoo from long time friend Clay Decker January 1st this year, and in true Pecker fashion decided it was time for a party!!!  [Video on expanded page]Read More »

Mike Devries Get Real Animal Style DVD Cilp (VIDEO)

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Tattoo Artist Magazine Issue #26 Teaser Preview

Tattoo Artist Magazine #26 Cover by Cory Norris

ISSUE 26 IS AT PRESS NOW!!! Tattoo Artist Magazine #26 will be going out to subscribers in two weeks! This amazing issue features Cory Norris, Pinky Yun, Xam, Isaac Fainkujen, a new Step by Step article on color theory, and a great article on Marcus Kuhn’s The Gypsy Gentleman documentary… [Pictures on expanded page]Read More »

RedLetter1 Presents, Pop-Op: The Art of Erik Jones


By Phil Holt: Just wanted to let you know that I have moved RedLetter1 to Hyde Park in a new and very permanent location. We are having our grand opening and new art exhibit June 3rd, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. featuring the work of Erik Jones. We would love to have you out…Read More »

Artist Profile: Chris Trevino (VIDEO)


By Ed Hardy: I first met Chris Trevino when he and his then-partner, Shawn Degan, came to San Francisco in about 1992 to talk with me about getting some work done. He had not been tattooing very long at that time but Chris’ enthusiasm and ideas were off the charts… [Video and pictures on expanded page]Read More »

Workhorse Irons’ Tattoo Machine Video

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