Tattoo Artist Magazine: Official Statement Regarding the New TLC TV Show: Tattoo School

By Crash

The Learning Channel, (TLC) you have stepped over the line! We urge you to reconsider. Please show at least this much respect to the professional community that you have been feeding on for the last five years. Do not promote or give airtime to the lowliest and most unethical practitioners of our treasured craft and profession. The dangers to the general public cannot be overstated…

Every case of infectious disease transmitted, every victim who will need laser surgery after receiving a bad tattoo could potentially bring lawsuits against; TLC, the producers of this show and the “stars” who own and operate the unethical tattoo schools, as well as their students. (And we will encourage these actions in every appropriate case.)

We hope you come to understand this is the most heinous and potentially harmful “tattoo” television program you could create due to the public health and safety issues. You will inadvertently be supporting and encouraging sub-standard, at best, and unsafe, at worst, tattoo practices by showcasing the same on television.

Every professional tattooer knows it is not possible to understand the fundamental aspects of a complicated and specialized craft such as tattooing in just two weeks! It takes years of hard work to become proficient in this trade. It doesn’t take years to put a mark on someone’s body, (as this school’s website can attest) but it does take years to learn how to tattoo with precision.

TLC and all corporate structures supporting this travesty with advertising dollars:

Professional tattooers and true tattoo collectors the world-over are speaking out. You should listen.

Where you once found a loyal customer base you will soon find staunch detractors. And let us be clear –our influence does not end with Internet outrage, we interact with hundreds of thousands of your potential customers on a daily basis.

Shame on you TLC!

Tattoo Artist Magazine

We ask every tattoo artist and collector to visit the following sites, boycott the networks and their advertisers, sign the petitions, make public statements and continue to contribute in every way possible to sink this plague-ridden ship!

Online Groups and Petitions Supporting the Boycott of TLC’s Tattoo School:

Online Petition:


NBC San Diego Tattoo School Story


Artists and collectors against TLC’s “Tattoo School”

Blacklist: Tattoo Studios Against Lisa Fasulo/The Tattoo Learning Center

Boycott TLC for 24 Hours in Protest to “Tattoo School”

Tattoo Artists & Friends against TLC and their show “Tattoo School”

Boycott TLC’s Tattoo School Show

[**In fact, readers, if you or someone you know is the victim of any tattoo school graduate’s “work” and it resulted in a sub-standard, scarred or infected tattoo… We want to see your tattoos and hear your story! Your story can help thousands of unsuspecting victims avoid the dangers, scars and expensive procedures you endured.
Send us your photos and a brief story and we’ll make sure it’s seen and heard:

• Name
• Age
• City and State
• Profession
• And a few brief paragraphs describing your ordeal.

Be sure to include any information you have on those responsible for your suffering, (such as artist’s name and location), schools they “graduated” from, the total price and also an explanation of what was promised, versus what you received. Conclude your letter with a listing of all legal, medical and aesthetic procedures you have sustained- Even it’s just one really bad tattoo!**]

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37 thoughts on “Tattoo Artist Magazine: Official Statement Regarding the New TLC TV Show: Tattoo School

  1. I sent a letter to viewer relations myself and that was polite but also informed them of the potential problems that this may cause as well as telling them that I hope some form of liability falls back on them for their actions. I say that we make it a point to get as many shop owners as we can to publicly state that they have absolutely zero intentions of hiring anyone from any “school” of tattooing. If word gets circulated far enough then they will hopefully not be able to maintain their overhead and be forced to close their doors.

    Marc Lescarbeau

  2. THANK YOU TATTOO ARTIST MAGAZINE, because of the huge number of people seeking apprenticeships these days and the travesty known as TATTOO SCHOOL I wrote a blog about the subject, If you are kind enough to take a couple of minutes to read it I would appreciate your feedback… thanx again!!!


  3. I love you Tattoo Artist Magazine. I am a PROFESSIONAL tattoo artist of 5 years NOT INCLUDING my TWO YEAR apprenticeship. This is a disgrace and overly disrespectful to those of us who endured the proper way to learn. As awful as this is, I am so proud to be a part of this community and seeing everyone come together to bring this show down!
    -Sincerely, Megan Ramirez- tattooer in NJ and NYC

  4. To contact the Discovery/TLC about complaints call this number. Pass it along and blow up their phones with your comments and feelings 571-262-4899. Please be polite if you want to be taken seriously.

    Marc Lescarbeau

  5. A good letter containing many valid concerns. However, considering that Miami Ink first aired in July of 2005, I’d say it’s about six years late. It’s difficult to see any fundamental difference between Tattoo School and any of the other shows in terms of the wholesale spread of misinformation. If nothing else, Tattoo School is the logical conclusion of the last half decade of media exposure tattooing has enjoyed. Have any of you met anyone recently who doesn’t want to become a tattooer? I haven’t.

    It seemed inevitable that this exposure would eventually bite us in the ass. Once you let the vampire in, it’s real hard to get him to leave. While I seriously doubt that anyone at TLC cares that the tattoo world is outraged, I will say this about a boycott of tattoo related television shows: it’s about fucking time!

    1. Very true, Mr. Gilsdorf.
      Apathy is how we got here.
      The new and more important question is, “What can we do about it today?”

  6. I’ll be asking my cable provider to remove TLC from my channel selection. Everyone should do the same. The more that ask for it to be removed will at least let them know how dis-pleased we are. They doubtfully will but, that doesn’t stop me from blocking it on my TV.

  7. Crash – if you would, please provide the following Facebook link for the ‘Blacklist: Tattoo Studios Against Lisa Fasulo/The Tattoo Learning Center’ to your readers.

    This page is dedicated to the tattoo shop owners who REFUSE to EVER hire a student of Lisa Fasulo/The Tattoo Learning Center. Please help the integrity of the industry by adding your shop to the blacklist. Lets let every know what job opportunities await them after they receive their illustrious certificate – ABSOLUTELY NONE.

  8. In fact – if anyone wants to add their shop info to the blacklist, just click ‘MJA’ and it will take you right there.

  9. So this is the generic response that I got back from TLC:

    Dear Viewer:

    Thank you for contacting TLC. We appreciate your correspondence and for
    taking the time to share your thoughts and concerns with us about Tattoo

    In an effort to ensure the highest quality programming, comments such as
    these are taken very seriously. Each and every comment is forwarded on to
    our programming executives for review and consideration. Maintaining the
    integrity of all of our networks is our primary goal. It is these types of
    comments that contribute to creating change and improving our programming.

    Again, thank you for contacting TLC.


    Viewer Relations

  10. I signed the ipetition and included the following note, which I’m also going to share @ TLC:
    As a collector of tattoos for 20+ years, I was horrified by the concept of this program and fearful for those getting tattooed. It’s unconscionable that TLC would promote a business that let’s the unskilled put permanent marks on likely uninformed consumers/collectors who are willing to be guinea pigs. It is one thing to go to a beauty school and have a student cut or dye your hair – it grows back! Tattoos are permanent marks etched into bleeding skin – they don’t wash out, grow out, wipe off, etc. I will not be watching any TLC programming anymore.

  11. Did anyone see how unclean their practices are? Full of cross contamination!!! That’s why I just called The health department of Albany County and made a formal complaint. You can do so too! Just call 1518-447-4580 and ask to place a formal complain against the Tattoo Learning Center run by Lisa Fasulo. 763 Altamont voorheesville road. Altamont, ny 12009. for unclean/ safe workplace practices violating the health board regulations! Cheers!

  12. What stupid useless corporate muppet (muppet can be an insult in England for someone who is brainless) thought this would actually be a good idea! I seriously worry about the thought processes that go on in some people’s heads, I really do! I whole heartedly support all professional artists and their support staff and look forward to my next tattoo in sept!

    keep up the great artwork and service all you legitimate professionals!!!

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