VICE Magazine: Tattoo Age, Episodes Two & Three


[Episode 3 and more info on expanded page]

Courtesy of VICE Magazine: In episode two of  Tattoo Age we get enlightened about the flash that adorns the walls at Smith Street Tattoo Parlour, and since this is about Dan Santoro, we focus on what set his flash apart from the rest of the pack. Flash, for those of you who don’t know, is the term for the tattoo designs that are on the wall at a tattoo shop. Dan also goes past the tattoo realm with some of his more personal art, and shares it with us at his home. Please visit VSB TV for uncensored videos and more information–2.


In VICE’s final installment of the Dan Santoro series they get an inside look at the impetus behind his collection of antique objects, and how he turned his childhood dream into reality.


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One thought on “VICE Magazine: Tattoo Age, Episodes Two & Three

  1. What a super job and think about the respect VBS/Vice is giving the tattoo world by the way they are handling and presenting our thing!

    These are the kinds of people we need to be partnering with in the media!
    And we need more of them.

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