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Mike Riina: How to Recognize Aseptic Technique in a Tattoo Shop


By Mike Riina Aseptic technique… Sounds fancy… It’s not. Let me first start by saying, I am in no way an OSHA instructor, nor am I qualified to teach anything about blood borne pathogens, or principles of infection control. That being said, I’ve had these classes every year for 10 years. The stuff taught in these classes is smart, easy to remember, and can save your life. I wonder why then, so many tattoo artists continue to do inappropriate things like let their clients wander the studio un-bandaged, bumping into shit, or preparing their set up without gloves…Read More »

Vice Magazine ( Tattoo Age, Troy Denning Episode I (VIDEO)


[youtube] Courtesy of In this episode, Tattoo Age visits the New York City tattoo shop, Invisible NYC, and carouses around town to various local spots of Denning’s choosing, such as East Village Japanese restaurant, Village Yokocho, while hanging out with the notorious tattooer and his motley crew of fanatics. Denning discusses the history behind his Japanese style of tattooing, known for its striking thickness and toughness, while he playfully pulls down the pants of his clients and talks warrior-fantasies, knives, and guns. [More info on expanded page]Read More »