Jay Brown: The Life and Times of ‘Crazy’ Philadelphia Eddie

By Jay Brown Crazy Philadelphia Eddie paved the way for tattooers today and his career spans almost six decades. He tattooed in New York, Hawaii, Chicago and Philadelphia where he spent 40 years tattooing. Eddie has seen the changes from the sponge-and-bucket days to the dawn of the sterilization era and

Vice Magazine (VBS.tv): Tattoo Age, Troy Denning Episode II (VIDEO)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mu0z_CDsPdQ&w=560&h=345] Courtesy of VBS.tv: In this episode, Tattoo Age catches up with Troy Denning and learns the ins and outs of his life before becoming one of New York City’s most notorious tattoo artists. Troy is described as the smartest person his friends have ever met, stemming from hours of reading