Hannya Mask Project: A Woman Scorned

Courtesy of Anthony Iannucci: The Hannya mask is one of the most highly recognizable images of the 14th century Japanese Noh Theater. The masks are used to convey the identity and mood of the nearly eighty characters in the different tales of the play. The hannya mask is specifically used to represent a vengeful and jealous woman. “a woman scorned.” Her anger and envy have so consumed her that she has turned into a demon, but with some traces of her humanity left. The pointed horns, gleaming eyes, fang-like teeth, combined with a look of pure resentment and hate are tempered by the expression of suffering around the eyes and the artfully disarrayed strands of hair, which indicate passionate emotion thrown into disorder…

FX Artist Nix Herrera, tattoo artist Ant Iannucci of Ascension Tattoo, and Orlando’s Twelve21 Gallery have combined their efforts to put together a Japanese themed art show to benefit the Red Cross relief for the 2011 Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami victims in Japan. The exhibition features 50 hand-painted Hannya Masks, by some of America’s best tattoo artists, conventional artists, sculptural artists, and body painters.

The gallery exhibition will be held at Twelve21 Gallery located at 1221 N. Orange Ave, Orlando FL on Saturday, November 19 2011, with all pieces being sold via silent auction both at the premiere night and online. The Bidding will continue for 20 days after the opening. A larger percentage of the proceeds will be sent to the Red Cross for the Japanese relief effort. Make no mistake, they still need help. What better way to donate to a great cause than by winning an amazing, one of a kind, custom piece of art. If you cannot make it to the opening, please return to www.hannyamaskproject.com on November 19th and the weeks after to view these fantastic Masks and place your bid.

Artists are involved on an invitation only basis and have been hand picked from across the country for participation by the event organizers.

Each artist tag for each mask will have one of those fancy iphone scanner things for that particular mask so people at show can bit right on there phones! Then the bidding continues for 2 weeks after the 19th.

The starting Bid on each is 300$ and we hope for that to rise over the course of the 20 days. 60% goes to Red Cross, 40% to the artist.

[For more information visit: www.hannyamaskproject.com.]

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3 thoughts on “Hannya Mask Project: A Woman Scorned

  1. Some words from our friend in Japan, Y@ Yoso Tattoo. ” It has been 6 months yesterday since the disaster occurred! It might only be today that we get a clearer picture, this mainly through independent media! Please support Japan & inform yourself! Nuclear problems are really a world wide concerns! While we agree that the focus should be on developing self responsibility, reduction of energy consumption, and development towards clean energy! We are not here to debate nuclear! We are here first to help the people who need the most help right now! Simply getting away from the highly radioactive areas! So many mothers are crying for their children everyday! Being poor is one thing! Living in a highly radioactive area is another! Thank you! Y.”

    Also, Artist Jonah Levy has had to bow out of the show at the last minute as he got picked up for a big Movie and had to drop all prior engagements. He is replaced by Orlando tattoo artist, James Amsden.

  2. Update: So far most of the 50 artists involved have opted to give 100% of the proceeds for their artwork when sold to Red Cross for Japan instead of taking the offered percentage up to 40%. I commend all the artists for their hard work and passion for such a great and noble cause, to help a peoples in crisis; especially those who are giving all regardless of the costs for materials- and let me just say, having had a sneak preview of a few of these spectacular works of art so far, I am so proud to be a part of such an amazing group of artists. You will see November 19th. Check the auction site http://www.hannyamaskproject.com on the 19th and place your bids, taking home or to your studio a one of a kind piece of art AND helping a culture and people who have given so much to our art form and the world in general.

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