*News* Tattoo Archive Website Redesigned

Courtsey of C.W. Eldridge: To all our faithful friends, we are very excited to let you know about our redesigned website at www.tattooarchive.com.

We know you’ll enjoy our new look, which features larger images and an easier to navigate Online Store. Did we mention larger images?

The Tattoo Archive still has the high quality tattoo history and collectibles that you have come to expect from us, as well as a chance to get involved with the Paul Rogers Tattoo Research Center and information about our online newsletter…

Meet our professional shop dog, Wiley Bear on our home page and Daniel Ferguson, our in-house tattooist extraordinaire in our Get a Tattoo section.

So please visit and enjoy!

C.W. Eldridge
Tattoo Archive

The Tattoo Archive was formed by C. W. Eldridge, in Berkeley, California in 1980 and is active in preserving and documenting the history of tattooing. Our Newsletters will spotlight items, artifacts and current events relating to tattooing and tattoo history. The Archive is currently located in Winston Salem, NC

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