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JoJo Ackermann: Take Back Tattooing? How About ‘Give Back to Tattooing’


By JoJo Ackermann I usually have a box or small pile of old tattoo magazines I’ll stumble upon in my shed or in the back room at my place. It’s always fun to flip through and see what’s inside from the years past, like old favorite tattoos that stick in your mind or maybe even seeing some old friends in the pics from a convention or something. Recently, I reached down in the pile and pulled up an old magazine from 1994, this magazine no longer exists, but this article I read was a kick in the nuts. The article was on a tattooer from the east coast named Ron Lopez. This is a quote from that interview…Read More »

Krooked Ken: March of Dimes, Tattooing to Save Babies


By Krooked Ken It’s as easy as 1,2,3!!! Tattoo on Sept. 24th just like any other day and at the end of the day donate all of your proceeds by mailing your check or money order or by using your Pay Pal account. All proceeds need to be received no later than November 1st. You will receive a receipt for your donation from the March of Dimes… You can mail your donation to Tattooing to Save Babies at 1201 Tuckahoe Ct. Denton MD 21629, or Pay Pal at As parents to two premature children the March of Dimes has been an amazing source of strength and support to our family. They continue to fund and find amazing ways to save a child that have been born too soon. Through education and awareness we can fight against babies being born prematurely and having to face life-long disabilities and even infant mortality…Read More »