Tattoo Art for Japan

By Diamond Jim
What has happened and is still happening in Japan is for us an unthinkable nightmare. Sadly it is not a dream anyone can awake from. Most of us go through life half asleep, concerned with vacation time and whether or not we can afford the newest and best of things. Imagine these things being swept away from you and not knowing if your family members are alive. To survive a natural disaster is a horrifying experience. After you have survived you try to pick up the pieces and with the help of others you start anew. Our brothers and sisters in Japan are not able to do this because for them the disaster is not over; it seems only to be getting worse…

Seeing what we have on television is like watching a horror film in real life, and however unsettling it is for us to watch, it is only a sample of how terrifying it must be there.

This calls for action on the part of us all. We can’t sit back thinking how bad things are without trying to help. This is the reason we are organizing this auction. We hope to raise as many donations as we can.

Japan has influenced western tattooing for more than 100 years with its colorful woodblock prints which tell the stories of legend and folklore from centuries gone but not forgotten. And through brilliant iconography and of course the ingeniously reduced, realistic, bold tattoos done by the Japanese masters.

We as tattooers and tattoo fans owe a debt to this mystic land. Therefore we are asking tattooers from around the globe to take part by donating a work of art for auction. The painting will be open for viewing on this website, Along with information about each artist.

The proceeds from the auction will ALL (100 percent) be  donated to the Red Cross fund for Japan.

Artists, We want to get this going and be done ASAP! Please don’t think of time as an enemy. MAKE time. I too have a lot of responsibilities, running a shop and tattooing all day, and a wife and two children takes all my energy; but this is a one time thing. Spend the 8 hours you will need to and then you’re done.

We do ask that your work has a loosely based Japanese theme and that you keep it positive. The style or interpretation is yours to choose as well as medium. Your work should be done in the standard flash format (11 x 14-ish, close enough is close enough for me).

Thank you all for taking time to read this. I hope each of you becomes actively involved in the “Tattoo Art for Japan”. I also hope you will never have to experience what these poor people are experiencing.

Tattooers from around the globe have donated original paintings to be sold on auction. The proceeds of the auction will go 100% to the Red Cross Japan relief fund.

The paintings will be auctioned on eBay.

The auction begins on the 23rd of October and will end on the 30th October (Sunday 9:00 pm (21.00 h, CET). A link will be available on our website to the Ebay site. By clicking on the thumbnail of the painting you are interested in you will go automatically to the corresponding eBay page.

For more information visit the Tattoo Art for Japan website:

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  1. That is awesome Jim, and very well stated. There are quite a few Japan relief art projects going on since the tragedy that struck and still goes on today, with so many stuck in irradiated areas… It is a noble and just cause. I will surely check yours out and if there is time and space available I would love to participate. Not to steal thunder from you as I believe we can help each other network, Please take a moment to check out our own Benefit for Japan

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