Portland Tattoo Expo, On the Road in Oregon

By Nicki Kasper
I was looking forward to the Portland Tattoo Expo knowing that I had several friends working it and fun and debauchery would ensue. The fact that Portland is just a short drive from where I live was an awesome added bonus…

Brandon and Kevin, along with their staff, do a great job at running their shows. The operation is always well-organized, and they’re very attentive and helpful to their artists/vendors. Thanks for that, guys!

The show drew in some great artists including Russ Abbott, Myke Chambers, Corey Miller, Big Gus and the crews from Artwork Rebels, Super Genius Tattoo and Black Shamrock just to name a few.

Overall, it was a good weekend. I got to see Adrian Dominic bust a few moves, which was both awesome and hilarious. I saw Seth Ciferri whiz by my booth several times on his skateboard, I saw some really cool tattoos and watched Damon Conklin paint in the booth next to me all weekend! Good times. See you all there next year!

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