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Daily Archives: November 1, 2011

Ollie XXX: Too Much Style


By Ollie XXX Style over substance in tattooing… it’s gone from a small problem to a downright epidemic. People who haven’t even been tattooing for five years picking and choosing what tattoos are their style. Not that I’m some groundbreaking tattooer, but style is about the last thing on my mind. People need to understand that being able to draw or tattoo things in their rudimentary form, is the basis for being able to stylize it. Over and over I see people disguising poorly done traditional tattoos with a red halo, colored in cursive letters and geometric flowers. The depressing thing is that they are stealing the impact from the guys who come up with it initially. After you’ve seen that stuff decorating bad tattoos a few times, even the real thing just doesn’t seem to have the visual power it had when it was first done…Read More »