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Mike Rubendall Tattoo Artist Magazine Issue #28 Preview


Interview By CIV Mike Rubendall: You have one shot to make it right. For me the permanence of a tattoo was a heavy thing and I wanted to make a smart decision. I remember as a kid looking through magazines I’d always admired Filip’s work, it always had a tremendous impact on me. I saw what could be done with tattooing and, first and foremost, I wanted to go out there and see what he did different from what everyone else was doing to get the results he was getting, you know? That was a big part of the reason why I had him do my arms, because I wanted to watch him; I wanted to see it done right. However, at the time I think it was too early in my career to pick up what he was throwing down. I could have soaked up more knowledge if I had waited to make that trip later in my career. Well, who really knows how things would have turned out? I do know it still gave me a whole different mentality and perspective on tattooing…Read More »

For the Record: Saint George and the Dragon

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Courtesy of Tattoo Archive: According to tradition, Saint George was a Christian martyr who lived about 275-303 A.D. His father was from Cappadocia, and was a soldier. St. George followed in his father’s footsteps, joined the army and quickly rose through the ranks to be- come a tribune and later a count. He became a member of Roman Emperor Diocletian’s (244-311A.D.) personal guard. The exact date of his birth is debatable, but the Catholic Encyclopedia leaves very little doubt about the historical existence of Saint George, although not much faith can be put in the fanciful tales that are told about him. This Saint is considered one of the most prominent of the military saints and his memorial is celebrated on April 23 (the date of his death) in many places around the world…Read More »