Horitaka: Molly Skobba Previews Bloodwork: Bodies

By Molly Skobba

I had a hard time writing this blog. It took me longer than usual, with more restarts and edits before send off. I realized that it’s because BloodWork: Bodies is such a gigantic project with so many facets and possible approaches in writing about this book. It is epic not only in content but also in physical stature with 2 volumes, 900 pages and weighing over 25-pounds filled with massive pages of outsized and extravagant photos that bond the human form and visual art seamlessly…


BloodWork: Bodies is an incredibly detailed look at the work of over 50 artists worldwide, amazing back pieces and bodysuits complete with clever foldout pages. (They’re rounded on the corners… genius!) I love the sheer power of the black and red embossed cover, along with the size and weight this book; it makes a statement.

With the size and thoughtfulness of BloodWork: Bodies, you really get a good look at the tattoos, catching so much of the detail that would be lost in any smaller size. Like getting to see up close and in detail the print on the clothing of the warrior on Chris Trevino’s tattoo on collector Eric Stokoe’s back piece, simply mind-blowing. It’s the next best thing to being there in person.

BloodWork: Bodies is a book about tattoos. But to say that it is just a book about tattoos would be inadequate; it is a study of the human form, an archive of some of the best tattooers out there and a key to a multi-media project of epic proportions. Along with the tome, you get access (through a code) to the website containing a photo archive of the tattoos featured in the book. They are not just regular photos, it’s a 360-degree look with interactive components that raises the bar in how we are currently viewing tattoos online. Thanks to Adrian and his team, viewing tattoos has just stepped into the 21st century.

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2 thoughts on “Horitaka: Molly Skobba Previews Bloodwork: Bodies

  1. This is one well worth the wait. It took me 3+ hours to get through the 2 volumes (and I’ll definitely be going back into this one many, many more times). Mostly great artists from the US and Japan (with a few spectacular European pieces, Mick in particular). The photography is just so amazing they definitely could have easily added another couple volumes with artists from other countries and made a 60 pounder out of this one. The price is more than reasonable ($250+$100 shipping to Canada or if you’re in Canada I noticed tattooflashbooks.com had a low # book and shipping is less…or if you don’t have Bloodwork: Sleeves, Analogue has a great combo deal). A really nice gift to give another artist or to yourself. 🙂
    Kudos to Mr. Lee and his team for putting together such a great body of work. They just keep getting better!

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