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First Look Inside the New Amsterdam Tattoo Museum

A letter to Tattoo Artist Magazine from Dean Williams:

Tattoo Artist Mag…
Hey hey, it’s Dean Williams co-owner of Elm Street Tattoo with my long shadow-casting partner, Oliver Peck. On November 5th me, Oliver and couple of the guys from the shop went to Amsterdam for Hanky Panky’s grand-opening of the tattoo museum. I would say it exceeded my expectations, not to mention there’s… I believe a couple more buildings not yet open to the public. But what is open now is a couple of wings beautifully crafted with three floors with tattooing rooms upstairs that would accommodate any style of tattooing…

Tattooers from all over the entire world were there having the greatest time in one of the raddest cities in the entire world!

I would say, that if you as a tattooer feels ignorant, or as a new tattooer, you dare to feel confident in your knowledge as to what tattooing has meant to so many different social constructs, (be it gangs, tribes, militaries, or even just your plain, old kid trapped in a bubble trying to live up to the standards society suggests and needing to find a way to throw it all back in their faces by simply marking themselves, just to invite those hypocrites’ judgments) then by all means a great way to give back and get a payload for your contribution is to go to the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum Institute for the History of Tattoo Art.

Really just frickin’ save a couple bucks and go and take your time and really feel the spirit in this place, it’s so alive!

Dean Williams can be found at Elm St. Tattoo in Dallas, Texas.

For more information of the New Amsterdam Tattoo Museum please visit their website:

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