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Daily Archives: December 2, 2011

Dana Helmuth: We are Pirates in a Sea of Blood

Pirates in a sea of blood

By Dana Helmuth As I stepped across the gap from platform to train, encumbered by the weight of my baggage and gear, in the short span of less than one foot I was  magically teleported me back in time to another part of my life, like a sacred opening that led to the ethos of only thoughts and memories. It must have been a half-hour before I realized that I had taken a seat, and that my train was well on its way up the coast from Baltimore to Manhattan…Read More »

Rollo & Me Comic #8


The “Rollo & Me” strip is a series of stories told by Keith Underwood and illustrated by Dan Henk which appear regularly in Tattoo Artist Magazine. They chronicle Keith’s experiences living with and working alongside one of tattooing’s greatest icons of the 20th century- Mike ‘Rollo Banks’ Malone. Mike departed this life in 2007 but these stories represent Keith’s healing process and are figuratively supposed to occur on the couch of his therapist. Enjoy. There’s more to come. [Full comic on expanded page]Read More »