TAM Music: Shonen Knife

By Rose Riot
Raise your hand if remember the all-girl, Japanese surf/garage rock band’s in the movie Kill Bill Volume 1? I am happy to report that these diminutive ladies otherwise known as Shonen Knife are celebrating their 30th year rocking Ramone-esque style with a US tour. Seen by some as a novelty act, Shonen Knife gained popularity and respect by the likes of Sonic Youth, Red Kross and Nirvana in the 90s. They have also gone on to do many theme songs used in movies and cartoons…

I was lucky enough to catch Shonen Knife October 26 at The Masquerade in Atlanta. The show was started with an ultra polite song called “Konichiwa”. Being that the ladies sang in Japanese, I can’t give you a full run down of the set list.

They did however sing a song about the worlds largest rodent, the capybara in which they told a story about these creatures living in their native Osaka, Japan.

I hate to say this because it doesn’t sound very rock and roll but everything about Shonen Knife was adorable.

Check out the picture gallery below:

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