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Archive for December 9, 2011

Jason Lambert: It Takes Two to Tattoo

By Jason Lambert
I read a lot of interviews with tattooers, like most people I enjoy seeing the interior world of artists who I admire and it is fascinating to see the strangely differing ways that we all ended up in this profession. Often these interviews will focus on the things each tattooer sees as important to his or her work, things like choice of inks, machines, style of tattooing, etc. Yet, over and over again I notice there is one conspicuous absence, one giant factor in any tattooers world that seldom gets mentioned, even in passing. This something is so fundamental to the act of tattooing that it literally can not occur if it is missing and yet in page after page of story it doesn’t get even a passing mention… (more…)

Richmond Tattoo Arts Festival: On the Road in Virginia (VIDEO)

By John
The 19th Annual Richmond Convention was… ah… screw-it! ┬áJust watch the video: