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Daily Archives: December 12, 2011

Sean Herman: Famous Gabe Smith

By Sean Herman It’s been almost 10 years since I got some of the greatest advice I’ve ever been lucky enough to receive. I was getting tattooed in Pensacola, Florida at a beautiful shop called Hula Moon. Famous Gabe, a name he received from Bob Montagna, was tattooing me, a little skinny 19-year-old. I had just received news that I was going to start my apprenticeship at Aerochild Tattoos, and was so excited that it was all I could talk about… Read More »

TAM News: An Open Letter From Miki Vialetto

TAM headquarters received the email below regarding a new crop of European shows. This email was sent from Miki Vialetto, a long time friend of TAM’s, publisher of Tattoo Life and Tattoo Energy, and mastermind behind the ORIGINAL London Tattoo Convention and the Milano Tattoo Convention. We are publishing this email not to color the tattoo community’s perception of any given company, but to bring to light what is happening in our industry, so that each of you can make informed decisions on the shows, companies and people you support. Read More »