Sailor Jerry’s Birthday To Be Commemorated With Free Tattoos

Courtesy of Sailor Jerry Rum Company and Chicago Tattoo Company:  An authentic birthday celebration will be held Saturday, January 14th to commemorate what would have been the 101st birthday of Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, the father of American tattooing. To mark the occasion, Sailor Jerry Rum Co. will offer 101 complimentary tattoos featuring iconic Norman Collins designs at The Chicago Tattooing Company in Chicago…

From 12pm to 12am on January 14th, at The Chicago Tattooing Company at 1017 W. Belmont in Chicago, Sailor Jerry is offering 101 complimentary tattoos of one of several original designs (pictured below) to the public.

Afterward, patrons are invited to join in on a nearby celebration at Trader Todd’s (3216 N. Sheffield Ave) where they can raise a glass to Norman Collins and sip on a Black Pearl or other signature Sailor Jerry cocktails.

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One thought on “Sailor Jerry’s Birthday To Be Commemorated With Free Tattoos

  1. I couldn’t even read this dribble. What professional tattoo artist believes in free tattoos? The Sailor Jerry Rum Co. is not a professional tattoo artist or the prodigy of Sailor Jerry. If cheap tattoos are not good etc., what does that say about free tattoos. Lyle said free tattoos will fuck you up, good tattoos are like good therapy and cost good money. “if I were you I’d send that guy some money and a letter of apology”.

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