Molly Skobba: Beau Brady Visits State of Grace Tattoo

By Molly Skobba 
Beau Brady is rad. He is known not only for his killer tattoos, but also for his warm and open personality. Taki and I had the opportunity to hang out with Beau for a week. Beau is originally from Arizona but works at Fun City Tattoo in Manhattan and Da Vinci Tattoo in Long Island, New York. He likes long walks on the beach and thinks sun-dried tomato aioli is a revelation

Beau came out and did a guest spot at State of Grace a few weeks ago. He seemed to fit right in with the crew at the shop, even coming out with a week full of appointments he booked himself.

Beau is a versatile tattooer whose strong points are his script and traditional work, all clients left extremely happy. There were also no shortages of baked goods at the shop while Beau was here as a couple of his clients brought him loads of cookies, biscotti and macaroons, it must be his sweet tableside manner…

Taki and Beau even traded tattoos, Taki tattooing “State of Grace” on Beau (a tattoo reserved for our close friends only) and Beau tattooing a rad skull on Taki. Aside from tattooing we walked the piers in San Francisco and spoiled ourselves with seafood and chocolate.

He’s also a really good house guest and a great dog sitter. The whole shop fell in love with Beau, it was Beau-mance for all and we wish him to come back west anytime!

(Beau Brady can be found at: Fun City Tattoo and Da Vinci Tattoo, New York.)

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