Chicago Tattoo Company: Donations for Rudy Carrillo

By Nick Colella
A good friend and coworker at Chicago Tattoo Company, Rudy Carrillo was hit by a car a few days ago while riding his bike home, Rudy has no insurance and two daughters to take care of. He has a broken mandible and is seeing a plastic surgeon today to help repair damages to his chin. The force of the hit was so bad that the front fork of his bike was sheered clean for the rest of the frame. We are asking everyone if they can make a donation to help out with Rudy’s hospital bills while is out of work. We are trying to get a fundraiser together soon to help out as well.

All donations can be sent to his PayPal at


For more information please contact:
Chicago Tattoo Company
1017 West Belmont Avenue Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 528-6969

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