Paul Dobleman: February’s Asshole of the Month WINNER!

By Paul Dobleman:
Once again, many great stories. I chose this one because of its random simplicity and it was original compared to “I spit in my bosses face” type stories. So this asshole also wanted no photo of herself and to remain candid we will call her “Alex” Asshole of the month…

I thought I would list my greatest hits in the hope of winning a free tattoo. I would like to remain anonymous. I can be referred to as Alex. Here goes…

I pretended to be a make a wish child to get a free trip to Disneyland.

I regularly double dip.

I park in handicapped spaces.

I’ve stolen dimes from March of Dimes displays to buy a taco.

I forgot to call my mom on her birthday.

I bruise produce at the supermarket for fun.

Congratulations Alex, you’re an asshole! Thanks to everyone for participating!

Alex chose this donkey for her collection, good luck to everyone else!!!

Reply to: Paul Anthony Dobleman
Spider Murphy’s Tattoo
1006 Lincoln Ave.
San Rafael, CA 94901
415 460-6979

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