Molly Skobba: Si’I Liufau

By Molly Skobba
Si’I Liufau, owner of A-Town Tattoo Studio, is part shark, part human and definitely a tattooer with talent. We spent time with Mr. Liufau in Hawaii; I think I might have mentioned him in my blog about Pacific Soul. Although he has not been tattooing as long as some of my other blog subjects, he is one to watch out for… 

He is already showing a real aptitude for Polynesian [tattooing], a style that has deep roots for him being that Si’I has Samoan blood running through his veins at top speed.

He not only loves tattooing, but he also feels passionate about life in general, never taking his talents for granted. Plus, the man swims like a shark and if stranded on a deserted island would never starve, I’m sure! I’ll say it again; I think Si’I Liufau is one to follow especially with artists like Steve Looney and Horitaka in his corner.

His magnetic, life-of-the-party personality attracts friends like flies to honey. Check out his work!

(Si’I Liufau can be found at A-Town Tattoo in, Garden Grove, CA.) 

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