Mark “Tigger” Liddell’s Life Celebration

Courtesy of Mari Bell Bones: Mark “Tigger” Liddell was a true one-in-a-million man who lived life to its fullest! He was a Renaissance man with advanced degrees in some pretty serious topics yet always made time for decadence and debauchery on a grand scale. He was a man who is now evolving into legend — and his family is in need of assistance… 

Tigger passed away on Sunday, March 11, 2012 and his family needs help to off-set the resulting financial obligations. Any amount you are willing to donate is appreciated! (EventBrite does take a very small percentage but that’s normal for any site like this.) 100 percent of all the Net donations will go directly to Tigger’s family. Wherever you are located, you are invited to “attend” this event. The “price” of the ticket is whatever you are willing to donate with 100% of all net proceeds going directly to Tigger’s family!

Tigger’s Life Celebration:

About Tigger:
He opened the first tattoo shop in Deep Ellum, Tigger’s Body Art, which still bears his name. Back then, in the early 90s, folks on Main Street would line up three deep to watch through the giant plate-glass window while he and his artists tattooed and pierced away and was the first tattoo shop in Dallas to take that “theatrical” approach; many tattoo shops followed suit in Deep Ellum using that same device. Tigger can be credited in large part for the growth in popularity of tattooing in Dallas. He also played an active role in setting the legal parameters and health standards for tattooing in Texas and in Oklahoma when body art became legal.

Tigger spent the last couple of years near Ada, Oklahoma so he could spend quality time with is son, daughter-in-law, and beloved grandchildren. He had been dealing with some very unsavory health concerns due to complications from diabetes and was having kidney dialysis and was in and out of hospitals.

He was a biker, a free spirit, and quite the hedonist until diabetes made him modify his lifestyle drastically. He was always fun to be around, and a walking, talking education in living the outlaw lifestyle without hiding. He was a skilled promoter, held credentials in several fields, including oil refinery design and as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

Tigger will be missed by so many and we hope you will be able to join us in this celebration of his life!

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  1. I’ve known more than a few tattooers who served some time at Tigger’s Tattoo, going back to the mid 90’s. All the best for the celebration; I hope everyone who can, donates and/or attends! TAM will be donating several subscriptions to the cause.

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