Chris Crooks: Three Tattooers, One Tattoo (VIDEO)

By Chris Crooks
It has been a really busy few months at White Dragon Tattoo in Belfast. It has been an honor to have Ching from East Tattoo and Takami from Japan guesting at the studio. We decided that it was a great opportunity to work together on something. It is rare to have three japanese style tattooists in the same studio, and most definitely the first time something like this has happen in my country… 


The plan was to work together and to just let the tattoo design flow. There was a very loose theme of a skull using our own personal trademark styles. Ching and Takami did a lot of free hand sketching, and I opted to draw up a chrysanthemum and stencil it due to the complexity of the design. We all worked on the piece together for three-and-a-half-hours, completing the line work and the shading. Next session will be later in the year following the London Tattoo Convention when we will all be in Belfast again.

It was a great honor and great fun, the video has been edited to try to fit as much in as possible but I look forward to adding the color as this will really bring the whole piece to life!

(Chris Crooks is a tattooer and blogger for Tattoo Artist Magazine. Chris can be found at: White Dragon Tattoo in Belfast, Northern Ireland.)

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