JTG: The South American Experience

So I just left Buenos Aires after being there for a month-and-a-half or something like this… The guys from Welldone Tattoo and I started a really tough gang, this is our first group shot. We are tougher than leather… 

This piece below is old Bob Wicks’ flash, and I love it. I like when I don’t have to draw something and instead keep an old tattoo design alive. Why change it if it’s already fucking awesome? This was really close to his ball sack – the tail is on the chicken skin that resides near testicles. And this is like a bird that like flew the coop, you know? And the cage is kind of colored like Argentina’s flag and shit.

These shirtless guys and me, we all did an interview on what it’s like for them to tattoo in South America. Because shit is different down here and all of these dudes rule against a lot of odds. It’s hard for them to get equipment, reference books, pigment, etc… and they’ll still make tattoos with more heart and soul than any number of loser-faces dressed in black t-shirts, with creative hair who are inspired by TV shows and fame and bullshit.

The interview had guys from Chile, Paraguay and Argentina. We had a film crew and everything.

I tattooed two of these snakes around the neck on a girl named Flavia, she spoke a bit of English, which always helps because my Castellano still sucks donkey balls.

And here’s some more Bob Wicks flash – not sure if she’s fucking the spine of the dragon or riding the dragon? She sure as shit aint chasing it, she caught it. I had a couple of girls do this to me in Argentina. Ay Papi.

A reaper smoking a joint. Yep. This happened… All over Argentina’s face! In Buenos Aires, good weed is called flores and shitty weed is pressed into a brick, pissed on to help compact it and shipped from Paraguay. It can get you high and give you a headache. I keep telling all the girls this, but they must not understand the words coming out of my mouth.

I painted this after sleeping with a hot little Argentina girl I had a crush on dumped me.

By far my favorite graffiti I saw while I was there. I am appointing myself a full-fledged member. Maybe that’s the perfect crew name for a bunch of hooligans: Cunt Crew.

I arrived to Sao Paulo Brazil two days ago. A city of 20 million people. This one city has pretty much the entire population of Argentina in it. And it seems one woman out of ten has an ass that fell from heaven and landed here. So that’s next fuckers…

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