Dave Allen: Kannon, Goddess of Mercy Art Show & Auction

By Dave Allen
Last year’s devastating tsunami and earthquake in Japan deeply affected everyone in our industry. It would be hard not to be. More than 20,000 dead and 100,000’s left rebuilding. As a community we banded together and raised money for relief efforts. After a full year it is still apparent that people in Japan could use our help…

Tattooers for Japan, a loose association of tattoo artists from around the globe managed to raise over $65,000 by doing nothing more than donating their time and efforts. This year I am asking the same of our industries most talented artists.

The Goddess of Mercy Art Show & Auction will be held July 25th at The Anza Club in Vancouver BC. All proceeds from the sale of art will be donated to grass roots efforts in Japan to provide needed supplies to those most greatly affected. Currently there are over 70 artists confirmed to participate including Steve Moore, Dave Cummings, James Tex and Aaron Bell.

Kannon ( aka Kwan Yin ) is the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy as represented in Japan. Using her for the theme of the show seemed natural. What better way to symbolize our efforts to give back to a culture that has given our craft so much than to use one of their own icons. It is also my hope that this subject matter will continually inspire those that purchase them to live compassionately.

The parameters of the show are pretty basic. Any size, any medium. Kannon themed, but not restricted to Japanese interpretation. Tibetan, Indian or Chinese versions are all acceptable. If you are not familiar with this subject matter please check out this link: http://www.onmarkproductions.com/html/kannon.shtml

The deadline for submissions is June 30th, 2012.
All submissions should be mailed to:

Tattooers for Japan
c/o Craftsman Tattoo Parlour
7-15782 Marine Drive
White Rock, BC
V4B 1E6

All art will be returned that isn’t sold at the artists expense.

Currently the show has a very strong Canadian representation. It is my hope that we can have an increased depth of international artists to match what we had with last years fundraising events. A united community showing support goes a long way. I will be limiting entries based on quality. The venue is fantastic, newly renovated, but space will be limited. I am also encouraging any tattoo artists that want to come visit Vancouver to do so during this show. I have arranged for reduced pricing on a nice boutique hotel in the city and will be hosting at least one dinner. Vancouver is a vibrant city with international quality dining and beauty. I will be happy to facilitate any requests for guest spots as well.

Please help make this a memorable event!
Thank you,

Smilin’ Dave Allen


Click here to visit Tattooers for Japan’s website

More tattoo inspired charity groups involved in aiding Japan:

Art for Japan

Japan Charity Tattoo Event

All for Japan

I Stand With Japan

Uncle Allan for Japan

If you would like to add a group to this list please leave a comment below.

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