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Stargazing Report: NEW Telescope and the M3 Globular Cluster

Photo composite of the 2004 Venus Transit

By Crash Hello all… Welcome to my second Stargazing Report. Before I share a cool new astronomical story, I want to thank everyone for the great responses and e-mails after my first post on seeing galaxies. A slew of people emailed me with questions and comments, and a handful of tattooers contacted me saying they were interested in getting their own telescopes! That’s so COOL! You won’t regret it. This hobby blows my mind like nothing else and it’s great fun to share. (*Soon I may post a blog about my recent adventure with some friends at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk during the May 20th Annular Solar Eclipse where we observed what’s known as a “Ring of Fire”! We passed out solar glasses and allowed more than 200 people to see this magnificent solar event with us!)…Read More »