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Health Issues With Tattooing (Marcus Kuhn)

By Petri Aspvik Petri Aspvik: What type of physical problem have you encountered do to tattooing? Marcus Kuhn: After 20 years I have pain in my number 11 acupuncture point just southeast of my right scapula as a result of the long swoop of lining and the repetitive pulse of the mag work. After four hours my shoulder becomes congested and starts to fill with fluid. like a nose when you are congested with the flu. The body is responding to the inflammation of the tissue by sending fluid to the area. At night my shoulder sometimes pulses with pain… The fluid takes three hours or more to drain. I have also lost a register of my hearing from the frequency of the ultrasonics and the running machines…  Read More »

Small Paul Presents Art of the Dragon Show During Ink-N-Iron Festival

Small Paul Stottler presents Art of  the Dragon at The Hellada Gallery in Long Beach, California on June 8th through the June 10th, 2012. Art of the Dragon features art works from over 50 of the worlds leading tattoo artists inspired by a love for dragons, tattooing and the Chinese zodiac year of the dragon 2012… Read More »