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Health Issues With Tattooing (Seth Ciferri)


By Petri Aspvik Petri Aspvik: What type of physical problems have you encountered do to tattooing? Seth Ciferri: A lot of it is from sitting all hunched over for so long… I developed this weird muscle mass in my mid back. It was there because I had such poor posture while working, due to a lack of core strength. It’s taken years of weight training, massage therapy, and chiropractic work to get it straightened out. Core strength is KEY in maintaining good posture while working. It will help ensure a long and comfortable career… Read More »

Skate It or Hang It Exhibition in Atlanta (VIDEO)


Courtesy of the MODA: Skate It or Hang It!? The Evolution of Skateboard Art will examine the visual aspects of skateboarding, a sport important to contemporary youth culture since the 1970s, by presenting a broad range of styles, imagery, and visual expression in skateboard art. With a broad focus on skateboard graphics – in particular the styles and methods used to embellish skateboard decks – the exhibition will appeal to a broad range of skateboarders, designers, and artists, as well as to Atlanta’s youth in general…Read More »