Skate It or Hang It Exhibition in Atlanta (VIDEO)

Courtesy of the MODA: Skate It or Hang It!? The Evolution of Skateboard Art will examine the visual aspects of skateboarding, a sport important to contemporary youth culture since the 1970s, by presenting a broad range of styles, imagery, and visual expression in skateboard art. With a broad focus on skateboard graphics – in particular the styles and methods used to embellish skateboard decks – the exhibition will appeal to a broad range of skateboarders, designers, and artists, as well as to Atlanta’s youth in general…

[vimeo w=600&h=381]

Visitors will come to understand skateboard graphics in a variety of ways, as the exhibition will include:

  • A survey of skateboard art from the 1970s to the present day featuring over 175 iconic skate decks
  • Series boards highlighting the fundamental shift in skateboard art from “skater-based” to “company-based” imagery
  • Interviews with VCJ and Jim Phillips, along with personal appearances and original art by Sean Cliver, Andy Howell, Wes Humpston, Lance Mountain, Steve Olson and Michael Sieben

  • Original installations by Atlanta-based artists Alex Brewer (aka HENSE) and Charlie Owens
  • Educational activities in which children are invited to design and create their own skateboard decks
  • An exhibit demonstrating the steps by which skateboard decks are manufactured
  • A 9-foot interactive skateboard sticker exhibit – all ticketed attendees will be given a sticker to “slap on the board” for future time lapse video
  • Interactive video highlighting skateboard tricks and street tagging Exhibition Overview

Guest Curator:
W. Todd Vaught


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