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True South: Jordan Teear Relief Fund

By Aaron (Tex) Finnin: As some of you may or may not know one of my best friends Jordan Teear and I have been planning a ride from Los Angeles to NYC for months… Yesterday as we were leaving he was hit by a lady going 60-plus MPH… Jordan is stable and fortunate to be in as good of shape as he is but has a long road to recovery… He is resting and waiting for surgery on his two broken legs…

Jordan is a great tattooer from London, one of the best guys I know, and is miles away from friends and family… We have set up a PayPal for him to aid in his needs during recovery until he can get back on his feet… Those that know him can attest that he is one of the most amazing and positive people around… A true gentleman… Please keep him in your thoughts in his recovery… If you would like to donate to him send as a “gift” to PayPal account…

It’s hard to put accidents and trauma into words and pictures to paint emotions that can do no justice to that which seems to be justifiable only as blessings, good luck, or whatever/whoever’s beliefs call the unexplainable… To all of our good friends and family of Jordan just know he is being taken care of with every ounce of love and care and attention…

I have been with him in the ER only to break for a short sleep and a shower and he’s stable and on the mend as best as he can be with the copious amount of pain that two broken legs brings… He has surgery on Thursday, and thanks to his friends and family back home will have Stacey here on Wednesday…

If you would like to send anything please mail to: True Tattoo, attention Jordan Teear 1614 N. Cahuenga Blvd Hollywood, Ca 90028.

In the meantime, please lay back from trying to call him or text… It’s pretty overwhelming and each text costs him. Feel free to e-mail messages to if need be… Thank you all for you blessings and positive vibes… He is truly grateful and sends his love to you all… I will do my best to keep you updated and send information to those I have been in contact with already. .:222:.

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