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Paul Dobleman: July’s Asshole of the Month WINNER!

By Paul Dobleman: 
Assholes happen as always, here is the asshole of the month for July! Once again, thanks to everyone who participated! 

Dear Paul,

My name is Paul too, and here is my story!

This one night, my friend, my girlfriend and I were all drinking heavily, we ended up in my room somehow spilling and messy. My friend and girlfriend passed out, and I was up wasted! My other friend and roommate came home and we all decided to play a trick on my passed out girlfriend and friend. We took off most of their clothes, then took a condom and filled it with conditioner, tied it off and threw it by their heads, this all thinking my friend would wake up first thinking he boned my chick, an hour and a half goes by and we had forgotten what we even did, all of a sudden, my girlfriend comes into the living room sobbing saying, “Paul, I think I did something really bad” over and over again, it took us all by surprise that we started laughing, but it wasn’t even funny, she was so devastated and honest about it, I just felt like a complete asshole! My friend woke up a minute after and was like, “What’s all the commotion about, and what’s with the condom by my head you dick,” and my girlfriend just says, “Nothing! Paul’s just a fucking asshole!!!”

Paul chose the simple silhouette donkey a little modified for his collection!

Reply to: Paul Anthony Dobleman
Spider Murphy’s Tattoo
1006 Lincoln Ave.
San Rafael, CA 94901
415 460-6979

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