Paul Dobleman: August’s Asshole of the Month WINNER!

By Paul Dobleman:  Once again, assholes are everywhere! Here is the asshole of the month for August…

Hi Paul, my name is Dean…

I had a warrant for my arrest for things that aren’t good for me and I was all strung out and needed to get somewhere to rest. I called my girlfriend who recently just left me because I was fucking up so bad and she decided to come get me after a lot of convincing. After she picked me up I hadn’t been in the car for a minute and we were lit up by the police, she was freaking out and I was even more, she pulled over but I wasn’t having it, I opened her door and pushed her out from the inside leaving her there and racing off like a bat outta hell, the cops followed immediately and ran me off the road crashing into a tree, I got outta the car to run and was shot in the leg, nowhere to go, I was arrested and charged with a long list of shit. My girlfriend or ex- for that matter won’t even talk to me, but my leg is okay and I served some time, recently got myself a hooker in Tijuana to make myself feel better. Hope you like the story!

Congratulations Dean! You are an asshole! Dean needed the whole center piece for his collection! Haha, till the next asshole!! See ya…

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San Rafael, CA 94901
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