Taki and Molly Kitamura: Amsterdam Adventure

By Molly and Takahiro “Horitaka” Kitamura 
We love Amsterdam! Taki had been commissioned to do a promotion for Bacardi Rum’s new flavor, and as part of the commission they flew Taki out there (with me in-tow) to do a few tattoos…

The first night we took a beautiful ride along the canals in boats and ate at a marvelous French/Moroccan fused restaurant owned by a Dutch-famed, sleeved-out restaurateur, Casper Reinders. Taki later tattooed a tiger’s head and snake’s head on each of his outer wrists…

The dinner was amazing, my foie gras tortellini in a fig sauce was to die for and Taki had a Wagyu beef burger topped with buttery foie gras that was insane, truly decadent eats!

The next four days seemed to fly by. We visited Gideon from Cold Skin Tattoo Supplies who kindly lent us equipment and of course we also stopped to chat with Hanky Panky, Chris Danley, Molly, Danny-boy and his wife, Tizi at the tattoo museum.

The tattoo museum was incredible and incredibly huge! This multi-level complex stores one of the largest personal collections of tattoo-related relics, paintings and artifacts I have ever seen. There is also the studio, gift shop and even a café. They are just getting started with the rest of the property and I can’t wait to see it in the future; it is truly a unique institution.

All in all we had a blast, Taki tattooed his ass off at the Bacardi House right in the middle of the Red Light!!! He had multiple interviews with local blogs and news stations. He even did a radio show and we got sleep in when we could. It was a crazy experience that we won’t forget any time soon. We met so many cool people, caught up with some loved ones and Taki made some fun tattoos, so I guess you could say it was a success all around!

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