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King of Tattooists; The Life and Work of George Burchett Book Review

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By Lal Hardy (New Wave Tattoo, London) When I first took a decided interest in tattooing (more years ago than I care to remember) very little information was available on the subject, except in a few sensationalist or oddball newspaper reports or titillating stories in top shelf “mens” magazines. The only two books listed by the local library were Hanns Ebensten’s, Pierced Hearts and True Love and George Burchett’s, Memoirs of a Tattooist, both of which had been either stolen or “not returned!” Fortunately, I managed to procure a copy of Burchett’s book from a second-hand bookstall in a local market and read it with great interest. Since those days over 35 years ago a whole host of books on the subject of tattooing and tattoos have been published, covering absolutely every aspect of the art and trade. But surprisingly, despite being perhaps Britain’s most famous tattooist, no work had been written about the life and times of George Burchett since Memoirs of a Tattooist. That was until NOW, with the release of King of Tattooists; The Life and Work of George Burchett, by Jon Reiter… ( Read More »