Hardy Marks Publishing: deVita Unauthorized

By Mary D and Nick Bubash
DeVita Unauthorized chronicles and benefits a man who was at the root of a massive art and tattoo movement that began on NYC stoops in the 60s. Lovingly authored by student and long time friend Pittsburgh artist Nick Bubash, deVita Unauthorized* is a replication of an original Loose-leaf portfolio made by Nick Bubash between the fall of 2001 and spring of 2003. The original 30 copies were painstakingly assembled by Bubash and was housed in a wooden box measuring 17′ x 22′ x 11/2′. It cover was held on by two wing-nuts and a clivis pin and it was painted and collaged inside and out by deVita and embellished with various wooden and metal objects… 

Ed Hardy and Hardy Marks publishing have reproduced the book and the collection available to the public. It includes the original pages of deVita collages, lithographs, essays, and contributions from Ed Hardy, Mike Malone, Scott Harrison, Teddy Varndel, JohnWyatt, Nick Bubash and of course, Thom deVita –heavy-hitting artists who were touched by the “art bomb” and magic that shaped and evolved tattooing as an art… waves that are still felt today as tattooing rapidly advances..

The book can be ordered at Hardy Marks Publications (http://www.hardymarks.com/books/devita-unauthorized/), Last Gasp Publications and Distributing Art Publishers for $30.

*Very few lucky folks can order the book signed with original art for $300 dollars by contacting Thom deVita himself at:

23 Overlook Place

City of Newburgh, NY


Or on eBay under “belle 10-1” at: http://ow.ly/dX9of.

Thom deVita is featured in TAM #23

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