Marcus Kuhn: The Gypsy Gentleman Episode V (VIDEO)

Here is just one extraordinary example of our collective creative potential when it’s put into motion! This is Marcus’ contribution to our community. If you really ‘get it’ and want to help Marcus make more or spread the word, link The Gypsy Gentleman to your own site and blog.  These episodes will only get better as Marcus and his crew gain experience and a decent budget. Enjoy! -Crash

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The Gypsy Gentleman Episode 5: London.
Marcus Kuhn presents the fifth edition of a brand new tattoo and travel magazine.
Featuring interviews with Valerie Vargas and Ian Flower.

Valerie Vargas

I tattoo at Frith street tattoo, London, UK. I had my apprenticeship under Dave Crossley in Stirling, Scotland. I wasn’t tattooing long before I was given the chance to join the Frith street team and have been there for the last 5 years with Dante and the crew.

Even though I was lucky enough to study Art at college I still consider my artistic abilities as self-taught. The college part helped me more with organising myself and my work and seeing projects through to the end however!

I feel like in the last year I finally began to leave behind the type of work people thought I was known for and concentrating on the type of work I actually wanted to do. I’m doing more traditional tattoo subjects and playing around with traditionally executed work whilst adding some extra fun for myself, whether it’s adding more colours than I think I should be using or adding details so as to bring new life to older flash designs. Colour pieces dominate my work but I’d love to do more black & grey cholo style tattoos, I’m pretty spoiled with work though so I can’t complain!

Valerie Vargas is featured in TAM #31 and can be found at Frith St. Tattoo in London.

Ian Flower

I began tattooing in 1991 and progressed to opening my shop new Skool tattoos in 1997 in Ewell village ,Surrey .I am still there at present and attempting to find a way out !

Over the years ,I have worked at Into You tattoo and Frith street in London ,whilst still maintaining my own shop.I specialise in large scale ,traditionalist Japanese designs .I also do a bit of old school traditional work when the opportunity presents itself.

Ian Flower can be found at New Skool Tattoos in London.

I am very proud of what we have achieved on just a belief in something real, and how we used our determination and our time and our voice to affect human change. Please go to and support us.

Your friend,
–Marcus Kuhn

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(Marcus Kuhn is featured in Tattoo Artist Magazine #22)

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