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Archive for October 25, 2012

Health Issues With Tattooing (Mike Rubendall)

By Petri Aspvik
Petri Aspvik: What type of physical problem have you encountered due to tattooing?

Mike Rubendall: Before I was physically active and aware of what being in good health was, I had major back and neck pain. It seems to be a common problem amongst tattooers due to poor posture and long hours of tattooing throughout the years.

Have you had to see a doctor, chiropractor, masseuse therapist, acupuncturist or anything similar because of problems or because you want to avoid them?

I would regularly see a massage and physical therapist. They have been helpful for me for the most part. However, I feel maintaining a healthy diet and exercise is a more effective method to avoid any type of chronic pain caused by tattooing…  (more…)

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