Taki and Molly Kitamura: Joshua David

By Molly and Takahiro “Horitaka” Kitamura 
Josh David is one of the most good-hearted guys you’ll ever meet. And his tattoos ain’t too bad either, hee-hee! Having just moved to California from Ohio, he is building up a wide clientele by working at two remarkable shops, Garage Ink in Napa Valley and State of Grace in San Jose

He focuses on traditional and has been doing some crazy tattoos lately that have that Victorian feel that is so cool. I really want to get a cameo-inspired piece from him!

Josh has been tattooing for about 10 years, he apprenticed in Cleveland, Ohio. Being the Midwest boy he is, he loves his meat and potatoes, his girlfriend Katie, his dogs and his fuzzy Christmas sweaters.

He sights Ed Hardy, Mike Wilson and his childhood friend Chad Koeplinger as influences in his work.

Check out some more of his work here or on his website, www.joshuadavidtattoo.com. There you can not only look at his fresh work, but also check out his custom machine building skills, a man of many talents he is!

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