Paul Dobleman: October’s Asshole of the Month WINNER!

By Paul Dobleman: Once again! Yes you know… Assholes happen! Here is the winner for October!!!

What is happening Paul! My name is Lil’ Ron. I’m lovin’ the stories, hope you like this one…

I work at a tattoo shop in a little town in Northern Cali and we keep having problems with bums shitting in our alley, sometimes they even spray on the back door! Can you believe that, spraying on the back door! What the fuck!

They are passed out sometimes, all fucked and shit, their head bleeding’ sometimes too. You know, drunk or on drugs mumbling, just fucked and shit. Anyways a few of us were drinking at the bar across the street and we came back to the shop later to grab some of our stuff, decided to smoke a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ out back and sure enough, I step in bum shit right outside the back door. I’m pissed right? All up in a fuss, but I turn to my right and there’s two bums passed the fuck out only five steps away.

I grab the boys and we attached a hose to the outside water and then I grabbed some gloves and picked up the shit. I crept over to the bums, must a been a bum couple, they were all half-snuggled and I put shit down the front of their shirts, as they woke up we blasted em’ with the hose. Fuckin’ cock suckin’ sprayin’ bums! BAM! How you like me NOW!

Congratulations Lil’ Ron you’re an asshole!!!

Lil’ Ron chose the dead donkey for his collection… “Cuz he a Killa.”

Reply to: Paul Anthony Dobleman
Spider Murphy’s Tattoo
1006 Lincoln Ave.
San Rafael, CA 94901
415 460-6979

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2 thoughts on “Paul Dobleman: October’s Asshole of the Month WINNER!

  1. If only you would have warmed up the shit, and used a water spray fire extinguisher[filled with shit-water.] Shit water is fun. Water is fun when you use the same extinguisher, and order off-the-wall meals(“Double Western Cheeseburger, extra onions + A large SANKA!)
    I’ve heard kids like doing this stuff….

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