Samuele Briganti: Back To The Roots Teaser (VIDEO)


By Samuele Briganti: Back To The Roots is a non-fiction 20 minute short film about the life and works of Samuele Briganti. It was shot on April 2012 in Orbetello by Fabio Grande for F+A Studio Collective.

The documentary is about art and tattoos, the way I’ve started when I was only a kid, and how this passion became my job. A part of the movie is dedicated to hand-poked tattoos, and that’s the reason for the title “Back To The Roots” because I started tattooing with a sewing pin, and after 16 years I felt the necessity to go back to this method. The documentary is set to release in December…

Hand-poked by Samuele Briganti
(Hand-poked tattoo by Samuele Briganti)

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Samuele Briganti

Director / Editor
Fabio Grande

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