Amsterdam Tattoo Museum Update

blacklogoStatement from Henk Schiffmacher:

What’s up at this very moment? We still have no access to the collection. There are no artists working in the museum, and the shop is declared a no-go area for the tattoo world. A small group of big shots out of the real museum world and university are negotiating the release of the collection. But the schizo character of the opposite side makes it difficult. We have good hope and are already looking for a new location. Soon we will open up a temporary location for our merchandise and office somewhere in town. Meanwhile, your support is much appreciated and needed. Stay away the fuck away from the museum! It’s not ours anymore, it’s now in the hands of un-tattooed people!

Thanks to everybody who has been incredible generous and has been donating to our funds!

Henk Schiffmacher and crew…

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